Can non-Christians come to counseling?

-Yes, we see anyone who is interested in counseling. 


Does The Way accept donations from people who are not clients?

-Yes. Donations given to The Way are tax-deductible. Faithful donations of non-clients keep The Way in operation, because the majority of our clients are not able to give a financial donation.


Does The Way have an operating board?

-Yes, our board consists of eleven people that have been committed to The Way since its inception.


How do I get the parenting seminar 'The 5 Silent Pleas of Your Child' at my church?

-Please visit our Contact Page and email or call The Way!


How long has The Way been in operation?

-The Way Counseling was founded in August 2000


How long will the counseling last?

-Individual sessions are 45 minutes to one hour for teens and adults; Children sessions are 30 minutes


How much does counseling cost?

-We accept donations. There is no obligation to donate, we suggest a $50 donation per session, but we are sliding scale. For those that can not donate we have sponsors, so that everyone can come to counseling, regardless of their financial situation.


What situations has The Way dealt with?

-Eating disorders, depression, family conflict, abuse recovery, divorce recovery, self mutilization, anger, low self esteem, past pain, grief and loss, addiction, pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling