What can I thank God for?


Thoughts by MO:

“During my career I learned to establish a routine & stick with it. Often times this included eating the same pre-game lunch meal prior to my evening start. Some would argue thats a ‘superstition’, but I’m not superstitious so I call it routine. The routine once I got to the field was pretty much planned out to the minute/second.

As my professional career began and my promotion to higher levels came quickly, I started to realize that I needed to be more intentional about about my prayer life & about including prayer in my routine. Not as a task or pressure, but I felt the conviction that praying should be included in my preparation before the game. I don’t remember exactly how it came about it or started, but I asked my sister (Becca) one day if she would pray with me before my game. If you know Becca, then you know she of course said yes.

For 4-5 years I called Becca before every start. It became part of my routine. I remember slipping away from my locker to different spots in the clubhouse (home games in Arizona with the DBacks that spot was always in the laundry area where our Clubies washed & stored our multiple uniforms). They had a big ol comfy recliner that I’d always sit in. On the road, it might be in the tunnel or dugout or at times I’d just put a towel over my head and call from my locker.

These calls to pray with my sister an hour and twenty minutes (always) before game time were very special to me! Becca was always on standby, ready and waiting and that was while she was still raising her babies. A lot of times it was close to the kids bed time on the east coast but Bec always too the time to pray with me. It was during these 3-5 minutes that we would come before my Heavenly Father and give Him the game that I was about to have the opportunity and JOY to play!! Becs calm, peaceful voice helped ease the adrenaline that was starting to boil as I prepared to go out to pitch on center stage in front of huge crowds (often times 50,000+).

You see I believe routine is important in every players career and in each persons life! Why? Bc it is a place of comfort! Often times things come along that are unexpected and we have to adjust, but the routine helps us stay the course and helps ease a lot of the stress & pressure. Routines help us feel prepared. After praying with Becca before games I knew I was prepared to go out, have FUN, & be free to do the best that I could! I was ready for the battle bc I wasn’t alone. By inviting God into my games and asking His (not mine) power to be shown, He was able to do some amazing things on the diamond through me for many to witness! I thank Bec for the prayer time and God for that dream of mine coming true and pray that yours will too! Remember to invite Him in & consider developing a routine that includes spending time talking with our precious, Father above!

Is there someone I can pray with regularly?

Could I invite this person into my dreams by praying with them?

Jesus, I invite You into every area of my life. In Your name

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