What 5 things am I thankful for?


“Pray continually.” (1 Thes. 5:17 NIV)

Thoughts by MO:

Yesterday I mentioned the “Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-13) and how it is often recited before games amongst teams and their teammates. I love the Lord’s Prayer because it’s how Jesus taught us all, the way to pray! As my young adult playing days progressed into high school and college many of us continued to join in praying the Lord’s Prayer before the game and sometimes me or another teammate would pray over and for our group.

Unlike most travel ball games/tournaments, our National Anthem (please STAND) is played before games in high school and college sports. I began to find this time very special and as a time that I prayed personally to my Father in Heaven. Many times I would pray for the health and well being of those in the game, and also about my individual performance...that God would empower me to display the abilities He blessed me with to the fullest.

As my pro career got underway, I kept praying for much of the above still but also began praying for my family and loved ones...that God would watch over them, protect them, meet them where they were (individually), and love on them. During this time I felt connected to my Father in Heaven and my family back home, I was often times thousands of miles away from my family and friends.

May we remember the power of prayer and believe that God hears us, is with us, and for us! Often times I picture He’s sitting with a smile on his face as He listens with an intentional and engaged look back to me as I talk with Him!! (Part 3 tomorrow)

What can I pray about today?

Have I ever thought about God smiling at me? Why or why not?

Jesus, I invite You into my day, my dreams, my future, my good thoughts and my anxious thoughts. I give You me. In Your name

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