Surely Your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life.  Psalm 23:6a, NLT

     A few years ago I read the story of George Dawson of Dallas, Texas who learned to read at the age of 98! When I read the story about him, he was 103 years old and working on getting his GED. He said, “I am here to learn and to tell folks it’s never too late.” He had co-written a book called “Life is So Good,” and was getting letters every day from people who said that his story had given them the determination to get on with their lives. George responded: “I might like to get married again someday, but ever since I turned a hundred, life’s been awfully busy.”

     This story cracks me up! And it rebukes me! I laugh every time I think about a person who’s 103 saying, “I might like to get married again someday (just not right now).” That rebukes me, too, because since I tend to think, “It’s too late” for whatever I think about. George makes me stop and say, “Hey, you’re never too old, it’s never too late…you’re either alive or you’re dead. If you’re alive, then live!”

     Look at the verse for today, the end of Psalm 23 that says, “God’s goodness and love will pursue me ALL the days of my life.” Not just when I’m young, not just when I feel adequate, not just when everyone is happy with me, or when life happens on my timetable. No, all the days of my life. As long as you have a pulse, you have a purpose. God will give you the strength and energy to continue on. And when you add God’s strength to your determination, nothing is impossible, no matter what your age!

*What is the thing about which you’ve been telling yourself it’s too late?

O God, give me strength to persevere in the truth that my life matters to You, no matter my age or circumstances. Help me to seek Your face, even if it means stepping outside of my comfort zone. May I show respect for the time You’ve given me by choosing to act upon what You have shown me today. I pray this in the strong name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

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