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Thoughts by MO:

"How does prayer become part of ones sports’ routine?

I’m thankful that my dear sister asked me this question bc I have NEVER been asked it.

The question above is in the “how”? I can’t really explain the process of how my prayer routine became part of my overall preparation for the game. I believe being raised in a loving Christian home that included prayer throughout our day/s played a big role. 

Growing up I was around some incredible men that instilled in me the importance to pray before the game. Most youth and amateurs take it upon themselves to rally a group of players (voluntarily) that want to participate in praying prior to going to battle with each other and themselves (physically & mentally). I say this because I was a part of doing so for the majority of my amateur career. Often times this would take place down the foul line & instead of anyone being put on the spot to pray, the whole group would recite the Lord's Prayer while kneeling together. In the midst of this moment there is a connection with your teammates and brothers that far transcends playing with each other on the field! There is also a moment that nothing else is on your mind (worries, anxiety, doubt, fear, clutter, etc). The attention and focus is on our Father in Heaven, who loves each one of us!"

"Because he (God) bends down and listens, I will pray as long as I breathe!" (Psalms 116:2 TLB)

Our quiet whispers, our anxious thoughts, our broken sentences, our music, our calling on Him...our prayer summons the heart of God.

What can I talk to God about today?

Jesus, thank You for always listening to me. Here are my thoughts, my needs, my hopes, my worries (name a few). I invite You into every area of my life. In Your name

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