What can I thank God for (5 things)?


What if we lived everyday like "tomorrow is a new day"? Yesterday's mistakes are gone and
forgotten. We wouldn't relive our failures in our mind. 
The strikeout forgotten.
This missed point forgotten.
The missed game point forgotten. 
The missed opportunity forgotten.
The rejection forgotten. 
All the negative from yesterday- gone and forgotten! Most of us "chew on our mistakes."; The
enemy wants us to sit in yesterday's mess ups. 

When my brothers were playing ball, I watched them have great days and hard days on the field.
I asked Micah what he thought about this concept of letting yesterday go and living like
"tomorrow is a new day."

Micah's response: 

"I remember Dad (my Father) telling me often after tough games that tomorrow is another day!
For what reason? I think perhaps to offer grace to ourselves (or others) instead of being bummed,
feeling bad, or having self-pity.

When we say ‘tomorrow is another day’ we are changing our perspective. We are enabling
ourselves to stop thinking about what just happened to, or is happening to us. All of the sudden
we have an attitude of looking forward to something & our past game or experience is replaced
by our present thought of future opportunity!

When you are able to grasp this simple phrase then you are turning a negative experience into a
positive outlook. You cultivate motivation to make an improvement and be better. While you
may have been knocked down, you’re choosing to get up! You are choosing WELL!" 

For if a man is in Christ he becomes a new person altogether—the past is finished and gone,
everything has become fresh and new." (2 Cor. 5:17 PHILIPS) 
How do we let go of yesterday? 

Give the disappointment, rejection, and memory to God and ask Him to replace it with His hope.

Jesus, here is my past, my yesterday _______________ (messups, struggles, memories of failure,
rejection, I give this to You. Please replace it with Your hope. I CHOOSE to look forward to
new opportunities today. In Your name

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