The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.  Proverbs 20:5

In the book Listening to Others, Hugget tells why she became a counselor…she of all people, a young introverted girl from a small village who was raised in a family and community where people didn’t talk about their feelings. But while she was in college, she was invited to spend the weekend in the peaceful home of a retired couple. She says, “I was able to let go of the pressures, breathe in that peace and discover for myself that still inner center where deep spiritual nurturing takes place. This was God’s gift to me through these people. Their ministry was powerful because it was gentle, unthreatening, and unassuming. As we sat in the garden shelling peas, she would tell me stories of God breaking into the lives of needy people. These stories fanned the flicker of my faith and in listening to her, the hurts inside me were touched and soothed and healed by God. That short stay in their home made a profound and lasting impression on me. When we married, my husband and I took this couple as our model. Like them, we wanted to be stretched by God and available to people. We wanted a home where the healing touch of Jesus could be felt.”

     She reflects that the woman didn’t really give advice. “Their caring was born from prayer and loving listening. In this unselfish but costly way, they enabled me to process my emotions. This was so cathartic that it helped me to renegotiate life on a new set of terms. They were modeling to me the never-failing love of God.”

*Can you listen without criticizing or advising?

God, help me to be unselfish in this costly way. May Your peace and grace permeate my life so that I am a refuge to people. I ask this in Jesus’ Name, and for His sake, Amen.

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