“When evening came, His disciples went down to the sea,  and they got into a boat and started to cross the sea to Capernaum. It was already dark, and Jesus had still not come [back] to them. The sea was getting rough and rising high because a strong wind was blowing. Then, when they had rowed three or four miles [and were near the center of the sea], they saw Jesus walking on the sea and approaching the boat; and they were [terribly] frightened. 

But Jesus said to them, “It is I (I Am); do not be afraid.”  Then they were willing to take Him on board the boat, and immediately the boat reached the [shore of the] land to which they were going. The next day the crowd that stood on the other side of the sea realized that there had been only one small boat there, and that Jesus had not boarded the boat with His disciples, but that His disciples had gone away alone. [Now some] other small boats from Tiberias had come in near the place where they ate the bread after the Lord had given thanks. So when the crowd saw that neither Jesus nor His disciples were there, they boarded the small boats themselves and came to Capernaum looking for Jesus. And when they found Him on the other side of the sea, they asked Him, “Rabbi, when did You get here?” (John 6:15-25 AMP)

Imagine with me.

She hid under some blankets as a stow away. It was dark and no one seemed to notice her. As the disciples rowed along they discussed watching food multiply and what it felt like to distribute a meal to thousands. They mentioned expressions on the faces of the hungry people. People so grateful for the quenching of their hunger. The kindness of Jesus to feed all of these people, people He would never know personally, yet maybe He did. They wondered.

One of them remarked about His patience to listen to the stories of children and women, so different from any other teacher trying to give a message in the temple or synagogue. 

“Why does He heal so frequently, how does He heal so many?”  Another asked .

“When He speaks why do I feel ask though He knows every detail about me and loves me so completely. His voice is like the Voice of the gentle breeze and powerful waves all at once.” another commented

She listened and agreed, “His Voice was like nothing she had ever experienced, quenching a longing she did not realize existed in her. Healing an emptiness in her soul…” 

Peeking out the side of the blanket she saw the moon reflected on the water, stars decorating the sky, and far off in the distance, she was something moving upon the water. 

“What is that?” she heard one of them say. There was so much commotion, and fear in their voices, she pulled the blankets more tightly around her and waited for what seemed like hours. Wondering what this figure could be. 

But Jesus said to them, “It is I (I Am); do not be afraid.” compassion and strength filled His voice. 

The I AM! The Voice. Jesus was walking on water.  

Awestruck!  Dumbfounded and a little confused. The Source of power and relentless tenderness all in One being walked on water. Conquering the sea with its depth, storms, unknowns, for He stepped deliberately to seeking His followers. 

Living Nestled:

But Jesus said to them, “It is I (I Am); do not be afraid.

Close your eyes for a moment and picture the sea, the darkness, the moon and stars, the only lights for miles away. Jesus walking toward you. Stepping upon the sea of unknowns, conquering the wind and waves, constantly coming toward you,

It is I…The I AM, the Creator of all, the God of the Universe, the Souce of Love, the Savior of all, The Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Holy One….walking toward me, walking towards you, getting in our boat of life. Wanting to be with us. He knows, He sees, He loves, He comes to us…walking on water. 

Do not be afraid (of ___________________.)

The real:

What am I afraid of? What in life swirls in my mind? (future, money worries, success strides, my kids’ desires, responsibilities) 

Going deeper, maybe I fear rejection or failure or relapse? Maybe I fear me: that version of myself that is broken? Maybe I fear being close to a God that sees me completely and loves the parts of me that I try to hide? Maybe I fear acknowledging His power and my lack of power, my weakness, my lack of stability, my need for Him? Maybe I fear letting myself close to His heart? This safe place feels so vulnerable…

What am I afraid of? 


What do I really think about God? Jesus? 

Do I feel like He let me down? 

Do I wonder why He would walk on water to pursue me?

Do I want to let Him in my boat (my life, my real))? Why or why not? 

Life is like the sea. Unknown. Full of waves and storms, which are at times peaceful and others terrifying. Human tendency is to blame God or Jesus for life pain, uncertainty, brokenness, for the storms that feel overwhelming. It feels easier to blame God than acknowledge and battle of our own pride or even see the attack of the Enemy of all God’s creation. The enemy’s tactic is for us to blame God, ignore Jesus, and focus on our stuff. Yet Jesus is walking on the sea of life pursuing us to get in our boat and do life with us. 

He rather do life with us than leave us in our boat. He wants to enter our life. He wants us to hand Him each fear, He wants to go through life’s storms with us, He wants to lead us to the destination He has for us. 

Jesus, You are the I AM. My Savior. I invite You to do life with me. I invite You into the boat of all my life stuff (feelings, thoughts, relationships, moments, dreams, struggles, fears, frustrations, unknowns) I give You me. Thank You for loving me. In Your name

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