What do I love:


"Remember the root command: Love one another." (John 15:17 MSG)  Funny how the word here is "command." It doesn't say, "suggestion." 

As Jesus followers, we are commanded to love people. "Command" sounds a little stern and definitely like a rule, most of us like to live in the happy words of Jesus: grace, love, joy, peace...

Command sounds so strong, so important...Our best life is lived loving others. Not just when we feel like it or when we are in a good mood- LOVE is the life-style of Christians. 

We can ask ourself today-:

Am I loving those around me well? 
If not, what can I change? 
Do I need to apologize? 
How can I grow in this?"

God's love can fill our heart driving out negative feelings about others, we get to choose to embrace His love and let it shape our thoughts and feelings. Feelings change as our thoughts change. Even if I don't feel love toward someone, I can choose to act loving toward them. We can choose to love others, because God tells us to. 

God, because loving other is so important to You, show me how to love all the people in my life- those easy to love and those who are not. Fill my heart with Your love so that it spills out on others. In Jesus name

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