I am confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Psalm 27:13

I am not naturally an optimistic, outgoing, happy person. This revelation will come as no surprise to my close friends, who listen to me verbally process on a regular basis what is wrong with the world in general, and my life, in particular. I have to lament and grieve and wail. (Well, I’m not sure I have to. But it’s what I do best!!) However, I have been greatly helped by quoting this verse out loud the minute I get up every morning. I say, “I believe to see the goodness of the Lord today!” It’s hard not to smile when I say those words; it really does change my mindset for the day.

            Thomas Kincaid writes that everyone should cultivate a hobo’s heart. He defines it as having an attitude of insatiable curiosity. He says it’s a breathless anticipation over what may be ahead--beyond your own backyard—beyond this moment. This is the opposite of how I tend to view life, which is:  don’t risk, don’t invite trouble, don’t venture out, don’t get your hopes us. If you aren’t outside, a crater can’t fall on your head. The problem is that I miss the reward of having a hobo’s heart: finding wonder in surprising places.

Kincaid says, “The habit of following the twisting road, of walking with a spirit of excited anticipation, of rolling with the punches and stepping around the rocks—all these are important skills for carrying you safely through your life.” Paradoxical, huh? He says that by venturing out, we can live with less fear and more strength.

I’ve come to realize this: living with anticipation is not just about being optimistic; it’s about having faith in God—choosing to believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord. Being “safe” is about what I see now; having a “hobo’s heart” is living for what I don’t yet see. Isn’t that the definition of faith

*What is your attitude about life in general? As you begin each day?

*What are you confident of? What do you “believe to see”?

*What is a person of faith confident of as they face each day?

God, I stand against the enemy today, who wants to steal, kill, and destroy my life—the life I have in you. Lord, I want to stand firm in my faith and be confident in You. Your goodness, Your gifts, Your grace--these are always present, even on days that also present great challenges. I want to live and walk by faith. Give me an inner assurance of Your unshakeable love. I want to live in the bigness of Your story. I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus,  Amen.

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