This makes me smile:


"nothing can get between us and God's love because of the way that Jesus our Master embraced us." (Romans 8:39 MSG) 
Moments...each one is a gift and we can't get them back once we live them. God reminds me often, He whispers, "don't miss this moment, live it to the fullest!" 

Moments...what am I going to do with this moment?

Walking beside people who have experienced deep loss showed me this. The one  thing they share is  -a wish for just one more moment with the person who passed. They taught me about the GIFT of moments.  Thinking about the precious gift of moments reminds me to speak in a way that I want to be remembered, never leave a conversation regretting my words, give to someone who ask even if I planned on doing something else, when invited -go spend time, live giving God's heart and joy, spend time with Him so I can give this His love...

This question wakes me up in the morning:  What are you going to do with your moments?  We can all ask ourself, "What can I do with my moments to live life to the full and give others life to the full?"

Jesus, I invite You into my day, my me what living life to the FULL looks like as I live and give life to others. In Jesus name

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