Thank you for:


"I couldn't stop thanking God for you- every time I prayed, I'd think of you and give thanks." (Eph. 1:16 MSG)

Being isolated during the sheltering in can create a great sense of thankfulness for our friends and family members that we do not see. Thinking about the things we enjoy about each of them makes us thankful. 

Who in your life are you thankful for and why?

When we make a list and look at what we write, it does something to us- it causes us sit and reflect and even remember. We can remember moments, laughs, fun times... shared with people that we enjoy. 

Being thankful for those amazing people around us is life-giving to us and if we tell (text, message, send a letter...) to the people we enjoy- it is life-giving to them also.

Let's give life to the full to others!

God, thank you for ______ (10 people). Thank you for surrounding me with fun people to do life with. In Jesus name

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