What am I grateful for:


What do I treasure?

God treasures us.  "they will be my (God's) own special treasure." (Mal. 3:17 NLT) We don't always feel like treasures. Working on summer staff, at Windy Gap Young Life Camp, I had just graduated from high school. My thoughts and self-esteem were such a mess, a lady on staff that I met randomly told me, "You are a jewel to God's heart." I didn't feel like a jewel or a treasure. Still many years later, her words echo in my mind.

Our feelings about how God sees us don't really have a say, yet our in our thoughts- our feelings can be louder than the truth. Because God's essence is love, He sees us as His treasures, as precious gems, as chosen people, as masterpieces...If I sit in this truth for a few minutes, my thoughts about me are filtered through His thoughts. We were not meant to sit engulfed in our weaknesses or faults, God's love is motivating. It is the security that all hearts long for. To God we are all lovable.

What would change if I thought of myself as God's rare special gem or a His special treasure?

God, help me to see myself through Your lens of love. May what You say about me be what I tell myself and the people around me. In Jesus name

If you would like a copy of The Treasure, message me, this book is about immersing ourselves in His heart. (Pic 2 of this post)

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