What day is today?

Most days, I wake up and it takes me a moment to remember. Are your days blending together?

Having something to look forward to makes us excited to get out of bed even on a Tuesday. A routine can help us get out of bed and "get the day."  It means let's own our day and make greatness of it. Writing ten things that we enjoyed yesterday or that we are thankful for - motivates us to get up. This simple practice wakes up our brain, takes the focus off of us, and motivates us to "get the day." 

This is my list from this morning: (most of these are about my family) "Thankful for Dan's love for me, working out with Owin, going on a run with Addi, Eben saying he is happy, John E giving me a hug for no reason, Anden's questions, Transit at Gwinnett Church, that "His (God's) love endures forever", a great cup of coffee, that it is not raining...) (Psalms 136 NIV

What is your list?

Writing 10 thankfuls immediately after we wake up is life changing. It changed me and that is why I start each post with this. I encouraged my teens to do this for 60 days and see what happens. Would love for you to join us. 

God, we "give thanks to You, for You are good, Your love endures forever," I want You to empower me even on days where I don't feel like being thankful. Help me create a new habit of waking up and choosing to write about the good things. In Jesus name (Psalms 136)

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