For this, our light and transitory burden of suffering, is achieving for us a weight of glory.  II Corinthians 4:17

I heard a talk one time about people having one of four core agendas: what it is that motives and compels them. Mine was achieving. Last week I read this verse in the devotional “Streams in the Desert,” and I saw that the places where I think I’m not accomplishing anything—or success is eluding me because of troubles and burdens, something is still being achieved. The devotion begins, “Why is life drenched with so much difficulty? The answer is to be found in the word ‘achieving.’ These things are achieving something precious. They are teaching us that there is compensation in every sorrow, and the sorrow is working out the compensation…sorrow tarries for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

     I laughed when I read that. “Hey, Rachel, since achieving is such a big deal to you, you can be glad in suffering, because you are still achieving something!” Technically, something is being achieved for me, but, hey, something is being accomplished.

    Truthfully, it gave me great comfort to realize that even in the desert/wilderness parts of my life when it feels like nothing is happening, God is doing something that is going to give me great joy. The weight of glory is so great that the hard things of life are light and momentary in comparison, and my response will either add to the glory or add to the sorrow.

     The weight of our sorrows can be so difficult, so painful, so heartbreaking that to call them light or momentary feels insulting. But God is saying that in comparison to the reward, the glory, the joy—they are miniscule. That has got to be some great weight of glory! (I looked up the words—it means a load of honor). If achieving is your core agenda, this has got to be the mother-lode!!

Can you be far-sighted enough to think heavenly for a moment? One day, standing before God, you will be glad you focused on the eternal. Compared to eternity, everything that happens here really is transitory. Think of that today when the burdens of this life weigh you down. It’s momentary. It’s light. It’s transitory. Eternity is forever.

Father, help me to focus on the joy set before me. Joy! Great joy--In Your name.

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