I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation.  Psalm 118:13-14

At age nineteen, Suzan Robison entered nursing school, only to find the courses too difficult.  She tried the next year and failed again.  Humiliated, she moved to another town but realized that she really wanted to be a nurse.  She applied again, but it took five years for her to find the courage to begin again.  In the meantime, she found faith in God and learned that, with His help, she could do  anything.  With her new-found strength in God, she entered nursing school and graduated with honors.  She has been a nurse for twenty years.  She looks back now and realizes that at age nineteen, she was too immature for the tremendous responsibility.  She says, “In the five years it took me to find the courage to go back to school, I wasn’t wasting time—I was growing up.  God always has a right time.”

How do you feel about God’s timing in your life? I have had more than one young man lately say to me, “I feel like I am behind. The wife, the family, the job have not happened for me yet.” It’s hard not to panic when you feel that way. Be patient. When you are “pushed back and about to fall,” the Lord will help you.

      Waiting time isn’t wasted time. God may be equipping you, not ignoring you. Immaturity is characterized by an unwillingness to wait (just think of a baby!); God desires to develop in us the ability to wait on Him. Rather than demanding He “come through now,” there is a better way: Trust. The Lord may seem silent, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t involved. He is personally interested in the details of your life and is actively working out every situation according to His good purposes.

     God’s silence is not forever. Waiting times do come to an end. In His perfect time, the answer will come. If you faithfully and patiently wait, your relationship with Him will deepen. The result is delight instead of discouragement.

**Are you feeling “behind” in your life in some way? How will you turn from discouragement to delight?

Lord Jesus, I’m struggling with what feels like wasted time. It’s hard not to panic and feel ignored—even abandoned. Show me how to respond and receive grace.

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