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Some of us live in our feelings, others of us live in logic. Neither is better, just different. Feelers can have a hard time getting out of their feelings to experience God's truth. Logic based thinkers can have a hard time empathizing with others because they life in truth. Which one are you?
"For years, negative feelings blocked my ability to feel God's love." (my husband explained this to our teens) Lots of tough guys are feelers. Yet, they don't feel free to address the feelings of insecurity, rejection, or self-doubt...

We live our feelings out. If we notice ourselves being impatient with others, sad a lot of the time, constantly nervous, rude, withdrawing...We are probably stuck in a negative feeling that we have about ourself. It is normal during this Covid season to feel things that we have never felt before. 

The two thing that I have found to combat this:

1. Figure out what we are feeling and ask God to heal this place in us
2. Accept the love of God. (I will post about this tomorrow)

What feeling is under all of your reactions?

Are you living your feelings out? How?

God, I feel ________ (insecure, lonely...) I give You these feelings. I accept Your love for me, may Your love heal all the broken places in my heart and give me life to the FULL. In Jesus name

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