5 things good in my life:


If our thoughts start spiraling with all of the negatives and the disappointments, we can feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious. Covid-19 and all that surrounds it may feel overwhelming. 

Ignoring feelings doesn't make them go away.

Facing the truth helps us move on:

1. Take a moment and write down all of the yuck surrounding the Coronavirus. (Your disappointments, your frustrations, your fears- the real. Writing these things down helps us own them and it takes away the power for them to effect our emotions.  Facing the real helps us to move on. This may sound silly, but I call this sitting in the mud puddle.  You may feel like this - "I am sinking in deep mud. There is nothing to stand on I am in deep water... (Psalms 69:2 CSB) After sitting in this and writing these things down, we can decide to move on.
2. Getting out of the mud starts with giving all of these thoughts to God. "God, I give You all of this disappointment, sadness, worry, anger, loneliness...I feel _____. Please take this from me and give me Your peace, joy, and love instead- In Jesus name."
3. Right now, there is so much hard in our world, but we can thank God for the good. Thanking God for the good blesses Him, but it also does something in us. It helps our thoughts. Thanking God for the good gives us hope. "I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving." (Ps. 69:30 NIV) (In this passage David talks about sinking, but finishes the Psalm praying and thanking God.)
4. We can reach out to someone. With all of this social distancing, it feels a little hard to reach out or to know how to, but we can text, facetime, or call a friend. I guarantee that someone else needs your friendship today. There is so much that we can not do- what can we do to make someone else's life better?

God, Remind me that You are good and that You are for me, remind me that there are things to be thankful for, and show me who to reach out to. In Jesus name

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