Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick.  Proverbs 13:12, The Message

     Disappointment happens to everyone. That sentence right there is disappointing, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great to escape the feeling of having the rug pulled out from under you? But it happens to everyone at some time. I’m not talking about the disappointment where your favorite show got cancelled, or your friend didn’t get you the tickets he promised. I’m talking about the kind of disappointment that leaves you heartbroken and bewildered. Then there are the daily disappointments of being let down or left behind, and it all adds up; after a while, disappointment becomes the primary thing in our lives.

     We begin to funnel all of life through the experience of disappointment. We walk around with this black cloud of sadness as if the only thing we can expect out of life from here on out is to be let down again and again, so there is no point in hoping for anything. Have you been there? It is hard to move past it, unless we resolve to go forward and to push ourselves beyond this sad place where there is no hope.

     Denise Hildreth (Reclaiming Your Heart) says, “The enemy’s goal is to keep us focused on this place of disappointment, because focusing on disappointment removes our ability to see all the places in our lives where God is moving. We allow our hearts to live in the place where we have convinced ourselves He isn’t moving….I honestly believe God shows us His love day by day, minute by minute, in all sorts of thoughtful and detailed ways. But the narrow focus of a disappointed heart will make us miss these love gestures every time. We stop expecting good things to happen so we don’t even recognize them when they’re right in front of us.”

     I don’t want to miss the good things God is doing, but I know what it is like to be so disappointed that my heart can’t think one hopeful thought. It feels like God is not for me…almost like He’s powerless to do anything about my circumstances. But then I remember that He is all-powerful, and that makes me madder, because He could do something about my situation, and He is choosing not to.

     At that moment, I have to stop and recognize the lies that I am believing and remember that God has a much wider perspective than I do. His purposes involve much more than giving me what I want at the moment. He is with me in this disappointment, and if I will turn to Him in humility, He will restore my hope and turn these ashes into beauty—in His way and in His time.

     I surrender to God and release my expectations of what is supposed to happen and how my life is supposed to look and choose instead to put my hope in God and in the fact that I can trust what He is doing.

*What is your biggest disappointment right now? Will you place it in God’s hands and release it?

Lord, I may not understand what You are doing and why all of this is happening, but I know You are working good out in everything that concerns me. You are for me and nothing can ever separate me from that reality. Thank You that I know You can be trusted with all my cares. I place them in Your hands, because of Calvary, Amen.

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