Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.  I Peter 5:6

     The two things that we are spotlighting today sound paradoxical.

Stand up straight – Carry yourself with holy confidence

When people stand up straight, it makes a big difference. We need to be reminded to pull our shoulders back, pull in our abs and smile. I read once that just breathing more deeply would make us all less depressed. Good posture is attractive!

Bow low – Humble yourself

It is good to stand up straight, but then it is also good, before God, to bow low. We tend to get it backwards, Larson says. “We cower, buckle, and cover our heads when the enemy presses in hard to harass us. And when God moves in to correct or redirect, we tend to go rigid and be unteachable.” God, who is our Father, is always teaching us, if we would but listen. He uses sermons, words from songs, encouragement from others to speak to us. Even when He brings a thought to our minds that would be considered a rebuke, it feels instructive, rather than shaming. Learn to listen for God and learn to bow low.

*Remember to stand up straight today and focus on listening to God.

Jesus, Help me to remember  who I am to You and who You are to me. I have every reason to walk and stand with a holy confidence because I belong to You! And yet, at the same time, I know that I can accomplish no good thing unless You breathe life in and through my offering. And so I also bow low today. I open my hands and wait on You. Thank You for Your great love! You lead. I will follow. Amen.

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