I am thankful for:


How are you feeling today?

"I've (Jesus) told you all this so that trusting in me you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace." (Jn. 16:32 MSG)

Even when everything feels out of our control around -us we can be at peace. How?
*We can trust God.
*We can trust God tomorrow.
*We can trust God with our unknowns.
*We can trust God with our disappointments.
*We can trust God with our health.
*We can trust God with our dreams.
*We can trust God with our relationships.
*We can trust God with our future.

Is there anything that I have a hard time trusting God with? Why?

If we believe God loves us and is FOR us, trusting Him is our response to our belief in His love for us. Trusting God's heart for us results in peace which takes away anxiety, fear, and negativity.

God, I choose to trust You, even when I don't feel like trusting, I choose to believe Your heart for me is good and by choosing to trust- please give me Your peace. In Jesus name

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