I am thankful for:


God is thinking of us constantly, “if God stopped thinking of me, he would cease to exist.” (Angelus Silesius)
With all that is going on in the news, do I think God is thinking about me?
Do I believe He understands my disappointment, worry, and uncertainty?
He is not aloof or disconnected.
God is constantly thinking of us.  The fact that we are on God’s mind and in His heart is a beautiful love story. God pursues us, because He loves us. Because He loves us, we are always on His mind.

We can talk about our feelings surrounding Coronavirus, however we need to do something with all of these thoughts and feelings. Giving our restlessness, disappointment, frustration, worry to God brings peace. When we know we are loved completely by God- we want to talk to Him. Talking to Him about what is going on in our world and our own life makes us more peaceful. The mysterious power of prayer is life-giving.

What do I need to talk to God about today?

Thank You for thinking of me. Thank You for wanting a relationship with me which led to You sending Jesus. Thank You for knowing me completely and loving me. I give You all of the things I am thinking and feeling today, please give me Your peace in exchange for my worry, disappointment, restlessness, frustration... In Jesus name

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