Who makes me smile?


"If you understand what I am telling you, act like it --and live a blessed life." (John 13:17 MSG)

Jesus says this after He washes all of his disciples feet. Among these people are his closest friends, his betrayer, and those who would deny Him.  In our culture, we do not totally understand this ritual. Washing someone's feet meant humbly serving them. Jesus, who is God, was setting an example of how we need to treat others, regardless of how they will treat us. 

In humility, kindness, and compassion, He knelt and washed dirty stinky feet. 

The twist is, He says this will give us a BLESSED life. The blesser will be blessed! If we want to live a blessed life, we can choose to always be looking for ways to serve others around us.

God, when Jesus walked here on earth, He humbly blessed others. Show me how to do this and remind me throughout the day that this is key in enjoying life. In Jesus name

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