People I am thankful for:


We have people in our life that daily make us smile, that we love doing life with, and that we enjoy! 

"Jesus said all of this, and then went into hiding. All of these God-signs he had given them and they still didn't get it, still wouldn't trust Him." (John 12:12 MSG)

"God-signs" If we look around we can see them everywhere. A sunrise, a smile, an answered prayer, a kind word, a great moment, something that makes us laugh, progress...We can see little God-signs and amazing God-signs. Seeing these signs and being aware of them changes our perspective. We can either focus on the overwhelming life stuff or the signs He makes every day. Focusing on what God is doing creates happiness, which spills into hope.

What are some God-signs in your life?

God, help me to see Your hand when life is good and bad, You are always doing life with me-remind me of this. In Jesus name

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