See what great love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!  I John 3:1

     “Jesus loves me this I know.” At least, I say I know. If you grew up in church, like I did, you heard it all the time. But there were other messages that went down deep—deeper—into our hearts than God’s lavish love. The voices in our heads repeat these negative messages and can eventually drown out this precious thought: I am the Beloved.

     Bobby Schuller writes that he was telling his wife a funny story how as a kid he did something clumsy. It made a relative freak out, and the relative yelled at him. Schuller writes: “As I’m telling the story, I say, ‘He got so mad he called me a….’ Then something bizarre happened. My throat and chest locked up. I couldn’t even get the mean word out and I started weeping. I’m not one to cry, but this night I cried like crazy all the way home. I could barely drive. Later, I realized something amazing. I’d been carrying those words in my heart for so long I never noticed them. But deep inside there was this kid, me, who wondered if he really was the worthless name he’d been called.”

     Don’t we all do this? We “know” God loves us, but maybe there’s a deeper, self-rejecting voice that tells us something different. It comes from something that was said or implied or that we interpreted. Maybe we need to ask God to bring these things to the surface so we can give these hurts to Him.

     Schuller says that when he realized that he needed to really believe that he was the beloved, he made a choice to hear a new voice—to train his heart to believe truth. So he wrote a creed. At first he said it every time he prayed. Then over time, he spoke this creed over his life with intention on a regular basis. More than any other discipline, it powerfully transformed his life into Christlikeness. Here is his creed:

I’m not what I do.
I’m not what I have.
I’m not what people say about me.
I am the beloved of God.
It’s who I am.
No one can take it from me.
I don’t have to worry.
I don’t have to hurry.
I can trust my friend Jesus and share His love with the world.

*What is an experience or life from your childhood that is negatively framing the way you view your worth?

Father, I belong to You. I am Your beloved child. Thank You that You know all my fears, worries and imperfections, yet You call me Your beloved. It’s not what I do, but what Christ did for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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