I will praise God’s name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving.  Psalm 69:30

     I talk a lot about being grateful because becoming intentional about it has changed my life. A study has been done that reveals that grateful people have more energy, more resilience, less stress, better relationships, and they even enjoy better health!

     The most effective multiplier of gratitude is humility. It’s the notion of undeserved merit. The grateful person recognizes that he or she did nothing to deserve the gift or benefit; it was freely bestowed. I wouldn’t have called it humility, but when I stop expecting/demanding that things look a certain way and begin to see everything as a gift, there is much more peace in my life. In fact, last week in Bible study one lady said she has been saying something to herself a lot. When she told us, everyone grabbed a pen and wrote it down: Stop talking. Take a breath. Choose peace. Have you thought about the truth that when you decide to be grateful, you are choosing peace?

     In fact, I watched a video on marriage and the speaker said that he had one answer to unrealistic expectations that tend to lead to one person thinking about the other, “You owe me.” The answer? Gratitude.  Be grateful for everything the other person does, rather than thinking how much more they should be doing. Maybe you should try it—not just in marriage, but in all of life. (The people in your office might have a coronary if you thank them for their work!) And writing a note is even better!

     We love being appreciated; why don’t we show that same grace to others? So today I have a mantra for you: Take a breath. Say thank you. Choose peace.

*W ho needs your gratitude right now? (Who is bugging you the most?)

Kind and Merciful God, Thank You for your gifts to me that are freely bestowed. I confess that I miss many of them because I am praying for the gifts I feel You owe me. Forgive me. You are so faithful to me and to those I love. Help me to show gratitude to You and to others more intentionally. I choose peace. Because of Your grace I pray, Amen.

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