Who is good in my life?


It has been raining here so much! The ground is saturated, puddles are standing on the roads. God reminded me that His love saturates our hearts. Our heart can find a safe place in His love. Like a sponge, we can soak it in and then it can be spilled out only to be saturated again. There is a constant downpour from His heart to ours. 

Living immersed in His love is life to the FULLEST!

So how to we live this out practically, how do we know and live in this realization of His love. Maybe this looks different for all of us. Every single day is full of ups and downs. If we have a God-centered "go to" that echoes in our head, we can live confident and secure. A "go to" thought is a repetitive thought that centers us continually throughout the day when life is good and hard. 

For example, "I am radically loved by God, this defines who I am, I invite Jesus into this situation." 

Repeatedly, we can live in the downpour of God's love by being aware and thinking thoughts like this. 

God, I invite You to remind me throughout the day that Your love is a my security, my confidence, my home. In Jesus name

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