I love: 


Comments are great! (I love laughter, moments with my kids, hikes with my husband, my siblings and our memories, my parents' encouragement, life-time friendships, our church #forgwinnett, the heart of God) 

What do you love?

My youngest painted this picture. To me, it is a treasure, a Picasso... I believe God treasures our gifts to Him. We may see our mess ups or our imperfections, yet He loves our heart. He loves when we choose to give gifts to Him. Every word of encouragement, every act of kindness, every time we serve, every time we choose to pray instead of worry, every time we give joy, every time we share His heart - we give Him a gift. 

The mystery of God amazes me, He fills our heart up with love and joy so we can give it away. The continual flow from His heart to ours is like a stream. His stream of love never runs dry, but continues to fill our hearts so that we can spill Him out. 

"For God SO loved..." you, me, those we love, everyone- this is life to the fullest. (John 3:16) 

God, may Your love continually flow into my heart so that Your love flows out on others. In Jesus name

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