I am thankful for:


"sent word to Jesus, 'Master, the one you love so very much is sick.'" (John. 11:3 MSG)

"The one You love" this can apply to any person in our life or even ourself. We are all that "one" that Jesus loves. We may feel like He is distant. We may be wounded from life's pain. When life is full of disappointments, we can feel like our distance from God changes, yet He is always close.  His closeness is not wrapped in our feelings. HIs heart for us never changes. We are all "the one" that He loves.

What would change if I consistantly saw myself as "the one" Jesus loves? 

Would I worry less about others if I knew each person is "the one" that Jesus loves?

God, remind me often that my worth is not based in what I do, but in You. You know me completely and love me completely. Help me to wrap my thoughts around this. I pray for ________ may they know they are loved by You and may this truth bring life change. In Jesus name

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