Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  Exodus 14:13-14

      What am I to do when confronted with dire circumstances and extraordinary difficulties? What am I to do when the way seems blocked? God says, “Stand firm.” The best thing I can do is to listen only to my Master’s word, for others will come with their suggestions.

     Despair will come and say, “Give up, lie down, don’t try.” God would have me be cheerful and courageous, rejoicing in His love and faithfulness.

     Cowardice will come and say, “You must retreat . It is too difficult for you to continue living the part of a Christian. Abandon your principles.” Yet, no matter how much Satan may pressure me to follow his course, I cannot for I am a child of God.

      Impatience will come crying, “Get up and do something. To stand firm and wait is not going to accomplish anything.” Why is it I think I must be doing something right now instead of looking to the Lord? He will not only do something; He will do everything.

   Arrogance will come, boasting, “If there is a problem, go forward, expecting a miracle. Tell the enemy to back off, that you will not be deterred.” Yet true faith never listens to arrogance, impatience, cowardice, or despair but only hears God saying, “Stand firm and see what I do.”

     In times of uncertainty, wait. If you have any doubt, wait, never forcing yourself into action. If you sense any restraint in your spirit, do not go against it. And if the season calls for me to Stand Firm, I will acknowledge it as a time to renew my strength for greater strides in the future.

     Wait until the way is clear. Maintain the posture of one who stands, ready for action, expecting further orders, and cheerfully and patiently awaiting God’s voice. It will not be long until He says, “Move forward.”

*What “voice” is trying to get you not to stand firm? What is one thing you can do to “maintain the posture of one who stands?”

Almighty God, I have trouble not listening to the voices within and without. It’s hard to stand, ready for action, but not moving forward until you say. To be still and believe that You will fight for me is a hard thing to do, but I need Your help, so I will wait. Thank You for Your heart toward me. Amen.

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