Good things in my life:


The message of Jesus is simple, yet so fulfilling that we can spend a lifetime letting it nourish us. This truth amazes me! Jesus related Himself to things we understand. "Jesus said, I am the Bread of Life." He knew that we would understand this concept of food. We eat a few time day. We need to eat to survive. If we don't eat then we feel hungry, unsatisfied, and it is hard to focus. 

We need the love of Jesus to fill the soul hunger that we have. His love and heart is the spiritual food of life. Without it we walk around hungry. Our inner hunger can lead us to fill this void with many things, yet nothing except His love satisfies the crater in each soul. 

Focusing on a verse, spending time in community with other believers, and talking to God often fills us. We can let His heart be the echo in our mind. "First we were loved, now we love. He loved us first." (1 John 4:19 MSG) 

If we daily think, "I am loved by the Creator of the Universe and I am His child." This truth fills our mind, soul, and heart. 

What do I think about me? Is it wrapped in what God says about me?

God, show me what it means to let Jesus be the "Bread" of my life. May Your love fill all the hunger in my soul. In Jesus name

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