Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.  Zechariah 4:6

     In San Francisco they have the last of what was once called trolley cars, or street cars. They are now called cable cars because they are run by cables underground and above. These cars effortlessly take someone up and down the steep hills of San Francisco. How fun! So I loved the devotional I read in Streams in the Desert (April 20):

     “Once as I walked along the road on a steep hill, I caught sight of a boy on a bicycle near the bottom. He was pedaling uphill against the wind and was obviously working tremendously hard. Just as he was exerting the greatest effort and painfully doing the best he could do, a street car, also going up the hill, approached him. It was not traveling too fast for the boy to grab hold of a rail at the rear, and I am sure you can guess the result. He went up the hill as effortlessly as a bird gliding through the sky.

     This thought then flashed through my mind: ‘I am like that boy on the bicycle in my weariness and weakness. I am pedaling uphill against all kinds of opposition and am almost worn out with the task. But nearby there is great power available—the strength of the Lord Jesus. All I must do is get in touch with Him and maintain communication with Him. And even if I grab hold with only one little finger of faith, it will be enough to make His power mine to accomplish the act of service that now overwhelms me.’”

     I love this! I read this one day when I was—like the writer—overwhelmed with weariness and weakness. The picture in my mind was so visual. (By the way, do not try this at home!) I could “see” the boy grabbing the cable car and being pulled up the hill—not using his might or power. God says when I have neither might nor power, I have His Spirit, who will carry me forward with greater strength than I could have had on my best day!

     Today are you pedaling uphill against all kinds of opposition? There is great power available for the asking. By faith, get in touch with God and ask Him to “strengthen you with might in your inner man through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Then go forward in His strength and power.

*What problem is overwhelming you today? How can you grab hold of God’s power?

Powerful God, I stand in need of an updraft of Your Holy Spirit, invading my body and my spirit, so that I can do through You what I am too weak to do on my own. Thank You for Your strength. I receive it and, by faith, will embrace it. In Your great name I pray, Amen.

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