I weep with grief; encourage me by Your Word. Keep me from lying to myself; give me the privilege of knowing Your law. I have chosen to be faithful; I have determined to live by Your laws.  Psalm 119:28-30, NLT

     I had never paid attention to these verses before, but how insightful they are! “I weep with grief…keep me from lying to myself.” When our hearts are breaking, all kinds of voices go through our heads. Our thoughts are swirling and confusing and not life-giving in any way. “This is the end. I will never be happy again. My life is over. I will always be alone. God must be punishing me. God must not love me.”

     In the midst of personal pain, David, the writer of this psalm, must have recognized that the things that we say to ourselves at that point can’t be trusted. He wanted truth, needed truth. “Keep me from lying to myself.” How does this happen? “Encourage me by Your Word.” He knew that even as emotions lie to us, God’s Word speaks the truth that we are desperate for.

     For me, in my raging hurt and pain, God’s Word is an anchor. I grab onto it, because truth soothes our fears, changes our feelings, shapes our thoughts, and bolsters our faith. Nancy Guthrie writes (Book of Hope): “I’m not talking about using a Bible verse in a way that seems to devalue my genuine hurt and dismiss my deep questions. I’m talking about digging deep in God’s Word to figure out who He is and what His purposes are in the world and in our lives. The truth is what we need most when the hurt is the deepest.”

     In our grieving times, we need to be encouraged by the Word of God so that we don’t lie to ourselves but instead, we are faithful to the Lord.

*In what way have you been lying to yourself? What truth from God’s Word will bolster your faith?

Spirit of Truth, open my eyes to the truths of Your Word that can dispel the doubt and discouragement I feel from the lies I have listened to. I desperately need the encouragement that I know can only come from You. You are my Comfort, my Burden Bearer, my Refuge in my distress!

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