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Choose Life to the Fullest is about one day at a time. Choosing to focus on the good things every morning day after day - changes our perspective. Over time, this habit changes us into a  thankful person, who enjoys life and can give to others.

I have been thinking about 21 days, 30 days, 40 days- books, workouts, diets with amazing titles that drive us to want to change. Once we start reading these challenges, we realize their title means a life-style change. For instance: if you are a basketball player, you may do a workout that promises you that you can improve your vertical jump by inches if you do this workout for 30 days. What is assumed but maybe not stated is- if you stop after the thirty days, you might have improved your vertical for a short time, but not permanently. If you stop doing the workouts, will it stick?

Life to the FULL is not a 90 day program - it is a life-style! Every morning we can do this for 5 or 30 minutes - we get to choose.

  1. Wake up and write 5 things you enjoy (your thankfuls, then whisper a prayer thanking God.)
  2. Read a Bible verse and ask yourself how it applies to your life
  3. Say a prayer inviting Jesus in - to all your life stuff - GOOD and HARD

I do this every morning, because it makes me better. I don't enjoy myself when: I am focused on all my negatives, when I forget to read a life-giving verse, and life feels heavy unless I invite Jesus in. @micah_owings and I believe in and enjoy writing about this life-giving habit.

Jesus, I want the life-style of thinking thankful, growing in my faith, and inviting You in to everything. Show me how to grow in this. In Your name

We are praying this verse for you as the new school year starts:

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." (Phil. ‪4:19 NIV)

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