I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  II Timothy 4:7

     The saying that, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” is, in my opinion, is not totally true. A lot rises and falls on leadership…but you cannot change people’s hearts or make the right choices for them. You can’t get them to obey God.  You may be struggling today with the fact that a situation has not turned out like you’d hoped.  You raise a child, mentor a person, walk alongside of a couple, or lead a group of people. And you want more for them than they seem to want for themselves.  We have the false belief that if we do “everything right” it will go well, end well.  

     Here’s the hard truth: God’s appointments always include disappointments. You will sometimes feel exposed. Out of place. Insecure.  Awkward. And  oh-so—incredibly disappointed. These feelings aren’t a sign that you’ve failed. Just keep walking forward.

     Appointments and disappointments walk hand in hand. Don’t let the disappointment of people keep you from your most important appointment with God. You want to be able to say what Paul said in the verse today. Just keep your mind set on what God has called you to do. 

     When it comes to standing steadfastly for righteousness, we must begin here. We must have hearts that have broken over our own sin and then broken for others. But hearts that are decidedly steadfast towards God.  Don’t be discouraged. Don’t quit. Don’t let yourself be affected by others’ words or behavior. Don’t lose focus on God, regardless of what others say or do.

     You can’t fix other people’s hearts but you can guard your own. Be faithful to your commitments. Be faithful to God. Pray the prayer at the end of Nehemiah when he was disappointed by people. He said:

Remember me with favor, O my God.

*Feeling hurt and disappointed by anyone today? Pour out your heart to God.

Lord, You know the plans You have for me. I’m calling on You. Open the eyes of my heart so that I can know the hope to which You have called me and Your great power for us who believe. Help me forgive those who have hurt and disappointed me, just as You have always forgiven me. Though my soul is down cast within me, in You I will have hope. Your mercies never fail. They are new every morning. Restore me, O my God. Make a way for me in this desert as I look to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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