Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?”“Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a little oil.”  II Kings 4:2

     Elisha asked the widow in this story: What do you have in your house?

     Her answer: Nothing. That’s her first response: nothing….except a little oil. Little did she know that her little pot of oil would be attached to divine power. That’s often how God works. Don’t be blinded by negative thinking. God is constantly joining the natural to the supernatural—taking the weak, the small, the insignificant and using it to make a miracle. There is always in each person or situation some gift, some capacity of faith or ability which, if we would put it into God’s hands, He can use for His great glory.

     But many of us, instead, wait for greater gifts, larger fields of service, more flattering opportunities, never dreaming that if we take that very thing that’s in our hands, and yield it to God, it may be the seed for our miracle.

   This pot of oil, although it’s a minute fraction of what’s needed, rather than casting it aside, God uses to produce abundance! He shows His glory by accomplishing amazing results with little things.

     It’s so easy to look only at our lack. I read an article by a woman whose husband is in the ministry. The article was titled “If You Think You Aren’t Gifted, Think Again.” In this organization she was surrounded by gifted people, and felt like she had nothing. When someone asked her what she was good at, she replied, “I can cook. That’s it. Oh, and I’m a good listener.” The person suggested that she start inviting people over for coffee and listen to their stories. God took her small talent and gave her an incredible ministry! What do you have in your hand, in your house? What are the “small” things that you do well that you have been disregarding? If you believe you have no resources, ask God to open your eyes to what you have that could be used for His glory.

*What is “in your house”? (Don’t say, “Nothing.”)

Lord, I thank You that in Christ I am a chosen vessel, fit for the Master’s use. I want to follow You. Take me beyond my doubts to simply offering to You what I have. Thank You for being with me, to fight for me against my enemies of insecurity and inadequacy. Help me to keep my mind fixed on You. I put all that I have into Your mighty hands. Because of Your great love I pray, Amen.

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