Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?”“Your servant has nothing there at all, she said, except a little oil.”  II Kings 4:1-2

     This woman was married to a man who belonged to a company of prophets, but he died and left her poverty stricken. She was also bankrupt; in fact, she was going to have to sell her children into slavery because of debt. She had run out.

     What about you? Have you run out?  A time comes in all of our lives when we just don’t have anything left over to give. We have run out of energy, strength, love, peace, joy, ideas and even options. Maybe you feel like that today. You feel like you have nothing. Maybe it’s because of loss—what you had but you don’t have now. Maybe it’s lack – you need or desire something and you don’t see it. Or you’ve run out of hope—you’re waiting and aching for something but it’s not happening or may never happen.  What do you do when you have nothing left?

     What did this woman do after she had run out? She cried out to the right person in her life. She had an Elisha in her life—somebody who really knew God and who could help her. Are you like this widow?   Have you run out? Will you cry out? Will you seek godly wisdom and help? Or is God the One you are frustrated with? He could do something but He hasn’t. Or He can do something but you don’t know if He will? Don’t isolate yourself. Go to God, go to someone godly and state your problem. God loves to come to the aid of His children. He is willing to do for you what He did for the widow in this story. He is present and active in your life. Will you turn to Him?

**Do you have an Elisha in your life--someone strong in knowing the word of God, strong in prayer?

God, I feel like my needs are great and my resources (my ability to meet these needs) are depleted. I turn to You today. If there is someone who loves You and hears from You that I need to involve in my life, rather than isolate myself, bring them to my mind. Help me to me humble enough to know that You often call other members of Your family to help. I’m turning to You. Speak to me Your words of help and healing. In Jesus’ powerful name I pray, Amen.

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